Centre for Learning Technology

Centre for Learning Technology

The Centre for Learning Technology is a nationally recognised developer of education programs and resources, and a provider of professional learning technology services.

It serves the broader community by communicating the practical and intellectual outcomes of science and integrating pedagogical knowledge with multimedia expertise.

Australian School Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics


The Centre for Learning Technology incorporates DUIT Multimedia, which was originally created in 1992. Over the past 20 years, the Centre has attracted more than $10 million in funding to develop multimedia resources and deliver professional learning for schools, universities, government and commercial organisations.

In 2006, the SPICE program was established through a partnership between The University of Western Australia and the Western Australian Department of Education. Initially a three-year program to 2008, it has been extended twice for a further three years to 2011, and now to 2014.

The SPICE program provides professional development opportunities for science teachers through curriculum resources, Information technology literacy, learning technologies, professional learning and enrichment with new science research.  We also promote science to students directly, with inspiring speakers including young university science graduates.

The Centre's $3 million facilities were created in 2008 by UWA to support the SPICE program and other ongoing projects. The Centre is located at the heart of the UWA campus and is extremely well equipped with the latest learning technologies.


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