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Moorditj – which means 'strong' or 'excellent' – is a multi-award-winning interactive CD-ROM celebrating the depth and diversity of the cultural expressions of Indigenous Australian artists.

Moorditj explores 300 artworks from 110 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, including Sally Morgan, Yothu Yindi, Neville T Bonner and the Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Moorditj funding partners
The Moorditj Consortium, a strategic alliance between three partner organisations, was formed to develop the CD-ROM, while additional funding was received from a number of state and territory organisations.
Purchase Moorditj
As well as the Moorditj CD-ROM, other resources are available to purchase.
Moorditj system requirements
The Moorditj CD-ROM should work on most computers, although some minor issues may arise if you are using older versions of certain software programs.
Moorditj school resources
A wide range of units of work are now freely available here in two sets: one for primary schools, one for secondary. These replace the individual units that could previously only be downloaded using an access code.

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